Content creation can be a very lucrative online business. E-learning sites have become one of the most popular ways for people to learn new skills. Unfortunately, these kinds of sites fall victim to piracy all too often. This is why it’s important to consider hiring an anti-piracy service to curb this kind f theft and protect against considerable loss. There are several reasons why a copyright czar would benefit an elearning website.

Link removal will help prevent resellers from turning a profit on stolen content. By removing the links, anti-piracy service providers can stop purchases before they happen. Links can be hidden almost anywhere on the web. When content is linked on any site, the service provider will find the source and remove it.

Seller account closure will stop the seller from being able to collect on their ill-gotten gains. Most banking providers, especially digital transaction providers, have strict regulations regarding the sale of illegal content. Reporting the sale to the account provider will result in the account being closed for good and prevent the seller from opening another.

Multi-lingual support is very important. Many of the sites that host pirated content aren’t in English, making it harder to find the links that lead to the stolen content. Service providers that offer multi-lingual support will be able to track the content no matter what language the site uses.

Trademark protection can help prevent proprietary content from being used on any site, including social media. Trademarked materials can often be hosted on any kind of site, but watermarks and other markings will reveal its source.

Reputation management is a vital part of elearning anti piracy service. When the stolen content is taken down, there’s often some kind of backlash. Pirates and the people who download stolen content may decide to leave damaging remarks all over the web. This could ruin the reputation of an honest business. Reputation management can help remove these comments and eventually restore the reputation of the site.

Group buy prevention is yet anther important part of preventing piracy. Even if the content can’t be outright stolen, some users will purchase a single item and allow others to access it. By using proprietary methods, group buys can be stopped.